Upgraded Mobile Grooming Software

May 4, 2021 | Groomsoft, News

Do you find it difficult to book appointments? 

Are gas bills eating away your profits?

Is sitting in traffic or driving in circles trying to find a parking spot driving you crazy?

Groomsoft Mobile Grooming Software can solve all these problems!   

  (East Brunswick, NJ April 4, 2021) – “Groomsoft® Maps is the perfect mobile grooming software solution for scheduling mobile grooming appointments. Groomsoft maps has you covered with powerful features like “show when I’m close” and “optimize route” to help efficiently plan your appointments. You can check the Satellite and Street view to help you find a safe parking spot before you arrive at the client’s address.”

Other mobile grooming software benefits in this release are

  • The mapping engine has been upgraded from MapQuest to Google for the best-in-class location data.
  • Added a Home Garaging feature so that different groomers can start/stop from different origins/destinations. This is great for those groomers who take their grooming vans home.
  • Optimize Route will save the last options chosen for the selected Groomer, so the same values don’t need to be selected over and over again.
  • Added faster address data entry. When entering the street name within Groomsoft, it will auto-complete when selected and fill in the street, city, neighborhood, state/province, and zip/postal code for you.
  • Clicking the “On My Way” button will show a text message you can send to your next appointment that lets them know you’re on your way along with the distance and ETA.
  • Electronic release forms can be sent to your customers via email or text message so they can sign off on their own devices and you can collect their eSignatures. 

Learn more about how Groomsoft’s mobile grooming software helps Mobile Pet Grooming During Covid-19.

For more information please visit https://www.groomsoft.com/features/mobile-grooming-software/, contact info@mrrtech.com, or phone 866-677-0909.  

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