Groomsoft 2022 Year In Review

Jan 13, 2023 | Groomsoft

Happy New Year! There are many new features coming in 2023, but first, we wanted to take a moment and catch you up with all the new features added to your Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software subscription in 2022.


New print option allows you to print out all the cage cards in one click and you can now set up custom text reminder messages for your clients, so they never forget their appointments again!

  • A new option allows printing of all the Cage Cards for the day within the daily appointment calendar.
  • SMS Appointment Reminder Templates. Now you can fully customize your text message appointment reminders.


Greater control over recurring appointments.

  • Don’t Bump recurring appointment functionality has been added, which allows you to choose when to schedule recurring appointments when conflicts arise.


Take some time off.

  • Multiple Vacations can now be scheduled within Groomsoft.


Daily calendar notes to keep your staff abreast of important information.

  • Calendar Notes are available in the daily appointment calendar and Maps pages…..


New weekly calendar view!

  • Added a new weekly calendar view that shows more information then the default view. Settings for this can be found under the Settings > Calendar Settings option.


Report enhancement

  • Daily Details report now has groomer select boxes to limit the report results by a particular groomer as well as date range options.


Consolidate duplicate breed names.

  • Breed delete has been updated to check if that breed name has been used and if so, it asks you to select a replacement breed. Once done, that newly selected breed will be assigned to the pets who had the breed name you deleted.


Advanced schedules for hour of operation allow for infinite possibilities

  • Override the hours of operation by creating custom advanced schedules.
    • Create a schedule that is only used within a particular time frame, such as holiday hours.
    • Every other week
    • Every week
    • Every Nth week of the month
    • One-off – Open on one particular day

In Closing

Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we continue to enhance Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software. We look forward to powering your Pet Grooming business in 2023 and beyond. If you haven’t tried Groomsoft yet, the time is now. Start your free trial with no credit card necessary to get started. Visit

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