Why Every Pet Grooming Business Needs SEO

Jun 25, 2019 | Pet Grooming Business

If you’re looking to get more customers, then your need to improve (or start working on) your Pet Grooming Business SEO. Learn what SEO is and how to get started increasing your presence in search results.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is updating your website to increase the quantity and quality of traffic your website is getting through organic (not paid ads) search engine results.

Why you need SEO for your pet grooming business?

Your pet grooming business might be offering the best services in your area, but good marketing is what will keep a constant stream of new clients coming in. The competition out there is huge, even in smaller towns, and most have an online presence, so you need to make sure everyone is aware of yours. In order for your marketing strategy to be complete, focused and effective, it is essential that your Internet presence incorporates SEO.

3 reasons your pet grooming business needs to incorporate SEO

  1. Effectiveness of SEO

When someone searches for a keyword or phrase, many people never look beyond the first page of the search results. What you want to achieve with SEO is to be at the top of the first page. Additionally, many searches are being done through cell phone voice assistants. The answers provided by those assistants come from the top ranked content for the user’s question.

Optimizing your site with SEO is relatively easy and you can use Google’s free tools such as Analytics or Search Console or to track the metrics and troubleshoot. Your web page’s title, meta tags, URL, content and image names should contain keywords or phrases that reflect what that web page is about. These keywords should not be used too extensively; otherwise your site may be ignored by search engines. In the digital marketing world, this is known as keyword stuffing.

When people type in certain keywords words or phrases e.g. “pet grooming near me”, “best pet shampoos”, or “how to groom my dog”, the search engine, in most cases Google, shows the most relevant pages with this type of information based on an index they maintain of website pages. Think of it as they match the search up to the content of the web pages, although their ranking algorithm is much more complicated and is proprietary.

Tip: Google has over 90% of the search engine marketing share, therefore it’s the best use of your time to optimize for Google.

Tip: Another Google ranking factor is having a secure web page. Google has said that all pages on the Internet should be secured by a SSL certificate. Most importantly, having a secure web site builds trust with the viewer. Ever notice the address bar in your web browser will state “Not Secure”?

  1. Expand your visibility in your town or area

The age of the Internet means that everyone is looking everything up online, especially information about where to shop and get the best services. Pet owners are no exception. They seek information about grooming, locations, directions, prices, and even reviews. SEO is what will ensure that your store will come up at the top of the list when someone searches for dog groomers in your area. Get noticed and be above the competition in a time when the pet industry is booming.

Tip: If you haven’t listed your business on Google my business, do it! Not only does that help SEO, but most importantly it will help potential customers find you locally and also provides a section for reviews. You should be soliciting soliciting your customers for reviews, because most people check reviews before making a purchase.

  1. Your Return on Investment (ROI) increases

SEO is easy to do yourself and is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, because it has excellent ROI. Even better than pay per click (PPC) advertising! You will notice results within a couple of months at the most as more people in your area learn about your pet grooming business.

Tip: Don’t pay a company thousands of dollars for SEO. There is a wealth of SEO how-to on the Internet that could be found with a simple search. The most import part of SEO is having great content that is useful to your readers. With targeted keywords in the page’s title and having the proper heading tags within the content being a great start.

Keep working at it!

Once your website is up and running and reaches the top rankings on Google you will have to keep at it if you don’t want to drop in the rankings. Your dog grooming business will be benefiting from increased customers, but you will have to keep putting fresh content on your website. As Google changes their algorithms, you will have to adjust by making tweaks to your SEO.

Tip: A blog is a great way to put out fresh content and keep your website ranking high. Write posts that your audience (pet owners) will find useful. According to Google, content is king, you must have content that is useful to your readers.

Don’t let the competition jump ahead!

Even the smallest pet grooming business in your area is probably utilizing SEO marketing, so don’t get left behind. Let people in your area know that you are the best at what you do. Maintain your pet grooming business at the top of their Google search by utilizing SEO marketing more effectively and as a result, you will get more organic search traffic.

Although there are many aspects to SEO and it can become quite complicated; you can start small with the suggestions mentioned above and improve your Pet Grooming Business SEO over time.

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