Pet Loss – How Your Pet Grooming Business Can Support Your Clients in Their Time of Need

Jun 13, 2019 | Pet Grooming Business

Death is not a topic that most people cope well with, but on the day when one of your clients calls to tell you that they won’t be making their grooming appointment because of the passing of their beloved pet, you will have to be prepared to offer comfort and support. As the owner of a pet grooming business, you have probably been faced with many different scenarios, the lives of our beloved pets are already too short, to begin with, but tragic events such as a sudden illness or an unfortunate accident that cuts it even shorter can be heartbreaking for the loving owners. You must be prepared to handle pet loss at your Grooming business.

You, as the groomer, will probably also be upset and will want to show your support in this difficult time. It won’t be necessary for you to mourn in the traditional sense by wearing the black of mourning, but the way you handle their loss and the compassion you show your client will leave a lasting impression.

Since people show grief in various ways don’t judge how it is shown by the pet owner. Some people appear cold; many get teary while others may wail with anguish, perhaps making you feel uncomfortable and at a loss for words. Grief consists of five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – which do not necessarily occur in that order.

There are some clichés, often uttered at a moment when you feel awkward or embarrassed, which are best avoided:

“You will get over this.”
“I know how you feel.”
“You can get another pet to take its place.”
“Crying won’t bring your pet back.”

Since every relationship between a pet and its owner is unique, you need to choose your words carefully to avoid being considered offensive. Offer to listen, ask how they feel, and take the time to really listen to them. Usually, clients that are elderly, those who have no children and those suffering from empty nest syndrome are hit the hardest by the passing of a beloved pet.

A few years back every pet grooming business owner would have kept a few sympathy cards on hand to send out, but the fast pace of running a pet grooming business often does not allow enough time to write and mail these. By the end of a busy day, the thought might completely slip your mind and then you will have forgotten to make the well-intended gesture.

Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software

At Groomsoft we have developed the pet grooming software that not only helps you run your business correctly by managing appointments, cancellations, and customer accounts but will also help you choose a pet sympathy gift.

Not all of the available pets grooming software out there are equal. At Groomsoft we have developed ours to help you manage your time at the most efficient level. We have also teamed up with Pet Perennials so you can have a pet loss gift on the way to the bereaved client in no time at all. This saves the possibility of innocently forgetting, while also saving time.

Pet Loss Sympathy Gifts

Groomsoft is the only pet grooming software that allows groomers to send sympathy gifts to their customer at the click of a button. Gifts are sent through our relationship with Pet Perennials. Groomsoft recently added Pet Perennials newest gift, the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher.

The Healing Hearts Candle – This is an 8-ounce soy candle with a cotton wick and is infused with soothing scents of lavender and chamomile essential oils. As the candle burns away it reveals a keepsake heart and a message. The heart is made of stone with Feng-Shui properties and it just needs to be washed with warm water and soap. The pet owner can keep it tucked away somewhere on their person or in their purse – a reminder of their beloved pet.

Make it Yourself Pet Perennial Kit – This eco-friendly kit promotes healing through the growth of colorful perennial plants by making seed wafers. The resulting wildflowers that will grow in the garden or planters will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The kit comes with a nutrient-rich planting medium, the perennial wildflower seeds, crafting tools and instructions and the pet loss gift will keep the pet’s memory alive from season to season.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memory Mug – The memory of the pet will stay alive with every cup of tea or coffee that their owner drinks. The custom designed artwork wraps the entire mug and says, “Someone over the rainbow is thinking of me.” This thoughtful pet loss gift will be a constant and gentle reminder that the pet is never far away. It is also microwave and dishwasher proof.

Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher – The crystal cascade of angel wings in the colors of the rainbow make this a perfect pet loss gift. The end of the cascade has a teardrop-shaped crystal representing the tears shed on the day of the pet’s departure. It will remind the bereaved pet owner that their pet has safely transitioned from the earth to the Rainbow Bridge, where their loyal companion will be waiting for them when they meet again.


How the service works?

The moment you mark the pet as deceased in the Groomsoft pet grooming software, you will instantly have the option to send the pet loss sympathy gift to your valued client. Pet Perennials will promptly fulfill the order sending the gift-wrapped box together with a handwritten sympathy card on your behalf. A confirmation email will be sent out to you so that you can have all the relevant information, including the copy of your invoice, shipping information. You will also be able to track the package.

How to set up the Pet Loss Gift Service through the Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software?

  1. Initially, you will need to sign up for the Pet Perennials gift service within Groomsoft by going to Settings and choosing Sympathy Gifts.
  2. After signing up, you will receive a call from a representative at Pet Perennials for to collect your credit card information for billing each time a sympathy gift order is placed. *You are only billed once an order is placed for a sympathy gift.
  3. Every time that you mark a pet as deceased and save the record, Groomsoft will automatically ask if you would like to send a sympathy gift. When you view the record of a deceased pet, there is also the option to purchase with the click of a button.
  4. Once you have selected the gift to be sent, you can review or edit the personalized message for the handwritten sympathy card.
  5. Finally, just click the order button. 

The gesture of sending your client a gift that will keep the memory of their beloved pet alive, will never be forgotten. When they have managed to overcome the grief and loss, they will surely become pet owners again or maybe they had more than one pet to begin with. The thought that you put into their gift will bring them back to your grooming business and they are sure to tell their friends about how thoughtful you were. This will only help to build a stronger business relationship.

Pet grooming software has been developed to make the lives of all pet groomers much easier by organizing every aspect of how the business is run. The services they provide to your pet grooming business are invaluable as they save you time and money. The added service of allowing you to order pet loss gifts instantly will help you keep the necessary contact with your clients who are suffering because of their loss.

Discover the pet loss gift feature and all the other features that Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software has to offer.

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