Benefits Of Cloud Pet Grooming Software

Jan 30, 2019 | Pet Grooming Business

In 2011, we developed Groomsoft™ pet grooming software upon hearing first-hand that many of the groomers in the pet grooming industry were running their grooming businesses using pen, paper, and a filing system and the software available was expensive, required updates and maintenance and was extremely complicated. While doing our research, we understood groomers wanted to stop using paper and were frustrated with the current complicated grooming software that was available and were desperate to have an easier way to manage their business without losing grooming time.

At Groomsoft™ we understand that if you’re not grooming, you’re not making money. Check out our list on how using cloud based software, such as Groomsoft™ can save you time and help your business prosper.

Benefit #1: Time Management

Time is the most precious commodity in business and in life. Using software to manage your business will help save you tons of time. Before the age of computers, many pet groomers managed their business with appointment books and index cards, flipping through their appointment book to the day in question, handwriting customer information, and filling out a corresponding index card with pet information. They could waste precious time trying to decipher someone else’s illegible handwriting, cancelling and rescheduling appointments, calling to confirm appointments, or trying to find a misfiled index card.

Groomsoft™ pet grooming software makes setting up new appointments as easy as clicking a time slot on the calendar and selecting the customer, making the appointment process much quicker and all the groomers in your shop will be able to read it.

No more calling to confirm pet grooming appointments. Groomsoft sends emails and optionally text message appointment reminders up to 2 times prior the appointment, saving you time every day.

Benefit #2: Convenience

According to recent statistics based on 2017 data, there are approximately 250 million people in the United States and Canada who use smartphones and of those smartphone owners, a staggering 97% of them are using them at least once per day. The average smartphone owner under the age of 45 sends up to 87 texts per day and nearly 78% of all smartphone users wish they could have text conversations with businesses. Why is this important to you?

Texting has become one of the most convenient ways to reach your customers and the number of people who prefer text to phone call is only going to increase as time goes on. Subscribing to an SMS service can be expensive, but texting each of your customers manually is a chore that can take away the necessary time you need to groom and make money.

As a Groomsoft™ subscriber, we make it easy for you to send text reminders to your customers up to 2 different times prior to the appointment so that they’ll remember their appointment. Your text goes out automatically and your customer has the ability to confirm their appointment. You’ll immediately see their response and Groomsoft will mark the appointment as confirmed.

When the groom is completed, send a text message to your customer directly from Groomsoft . You’ll get a quick response from your customer and all messages are saved so you can see their response.

 Benefit #3: Organization

Tracking your grooming business expenses manually is messy and time consuming. It’s so easy to lose important papers and time consuming to correctly keep track of receipts to manually document your expenses. If you rely on a system of saving receipts and entering them into a spreadsheet, you may also be vulnerable to a data entry error.

Groomsoft™ pet grooming software makes it easy to enter your daily expenses and pull reports in seconds accurately showing your expenditures. Groomsoft™ also gives you the capability of printing vendor lists  so you don’t need to search for any of your vendors phone or account numbers. Any expenses for your Groomsoft pet grooming software subscription or Pet Perennials pet loss gift purchase are automatically logged into your expense register for you.

Manually adding up cash register end of day reports or using a spreadsheet to track sales information takes a lot of time.  Not to mention those methods are prone to human error. Groomsoft™ shows you sales reports broken down by month, quarter, or annually in seconds based on the appointments you create within Groomsoft™. This also helps you quickly figure out your monthly or quarterly sales tax remittance amounts.

 Benefit #4: Mobility

Having a pet grooming software program like Groomsoft™ is perfect for helping your manage your mobile pet grooming business. Groomsoft™ gives you the ability to track expenses by grooming truck, which provides you with a birds-eye view of all of your vehicle related expenses. Groomsoft™ automatically tracks your mileage, including return trips based on your appointments, easing your record keeping headache.

For mobile groomers, time is even more precious. Think of a typical day – six appointments with 30 minutes of driving time between each can cost your up to three hours of lost grooming time. Those three hours could add 1 or possibly 2 more grooms to your day when you use Groomsoft™ mobile grooming features to plan your grooming appointments. Groomsoft helps you optimize your driving routes, which reduces time spent driving, which also saves your fuel expense and the wear and tear on your vehicles. The Groomsoft™ map also provides a satellite view so that you know in advance what parking looks like before going to that new customer’s house.

 Benefit #5: Peace of Mind

We’ve heard it before, I have pet grooming software on my laptop and it crashed during an update and I lost all my customer data or my laptop died and I lost all of my customer data. Groomsoft backs up all of your data on an hourly basis so you never lose your customer data again.

Subscribing to a cloud based pet grooming software platform such as Groomsoft™ sets you and your business up for success! By delegating the tedious work to Groomsoft™, you free up more time for marketing, maintaining customer relationships, and grooming – putting money in your pocket.

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