Groomsoft 2021 Year In Review

Dec 30, 2021 | Groomsoft

Happy New Year!

There are many new features coming in 2022, but first, we wanted to take a moment and catch you up with all the new features added to your Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software subscription in 2021.


3 New Pet Perennials Sympathy Gifts added.

Each year we add more gifts to help you heal broken hearts when your clients pets pass away. Groomsoft is the only Pet Grooming Software that you can send a Gift wrapped sympathy gift, with a handwritten card directly to your customers at the push of a button. Find more information about this incredible program at

In early 2022 we will be offering economical gift cards, including a decal and a handwritten message sent on your behalf. Stay tuned for news on this soon!

Added the ability to upload Word Docs, Excel Sheets, PDFs, Text Files and Images into a customer’s profile.

Stay organized and upload unlimited documents from the appointment page or from within the customer’s profile.


Added a new Tag Report.

Tagging allows you to label or “tag” customers and pets with different words or phrases, such as bites, allergies, See Notes…etc This report allows you to view what customers or pets have what tags on them. This report also has Printable & CSV downloads of the report.

Added New Customer default notification preferences.

Each customer profile has notification preferences so you can fine tune what type of correspondence your customer receives. With these default settings, you can save time when you create a new customer in Groomsoft. Each time you click the New Customer button, your default choices will already be selected. Find this under Settings > Customer Notifications.


Added a New Product Sales Report.

The product sales report shows you who bought a product within a certain period of time. This report also has Printable & CSV downloads of the report.


Mobile Groomer Maps Enhancements

For a walk-though of Maps for Mobile Groomers, visit

Upgraded our mapping engine from MapQuest to Google.

Best in class data is available for all map features.

Added a Maps Home Garaging feature.

This allows different moble groomers within your account to start and stop their appointment routes from places other than the salon’s address. Find out more at  or watch a video at

Enhanced Optimize Route will save your last settings.

Time is money! Driving long distances between appointments wastes gas, time and reduces your revenue. Within Groomsoft you can optimize your route for better efficiency so your not driving back and forth across town. Once you use optimize route, your settings will be saved so you don’t have to select the same choices when optimizing your route. Find out more at

Reduced address data entry throughout Groomsoft

Just start typing a street name in any street field within Groomsoft and you will see choices pop up that you can select. Once you select the address, all of the address fields will be completed for you. Find out more at


Added New Vaccination Reminders

  • You can send automated vaccination reminders via email, text message or both if the vaccination expires today, 30 days from today, or both.
  • You can create custom templates for these reminders if you wish to do so.
  • Pet owners can click a link in the reminder to upload vaccination documents and enter the new expiration dates.
  • Once you approve (or edit) the pet owner’s submission, the pet’s profile will be updated with the new expiration dates and the vaccination documentation will be imported into the customer’s profile.
  • See how it works here:

Added a New Notification Bell System

This consolidates all Groomsoft notifications into one area. See how it works here:

Enhanced the Calendar View by Groomer

  • The groomer’s schedules will be shown under their names in the daily calendar view.
  • Viewing days in the future will show all the groomers that are scheduled on that day in the daily calendar view.
  • The groomer names shown in the daily calendar view will be sorted by shift start time left to right. For groomers with the same start time, they will be sorted by the first name for a consistent view. The names will no longer shift around based on when an appointment was created.


Added Toll-Free phone numbers for text messaging.

Toll-Free phone numbers allow for faster more reliable text messaging with no additional cost to you.


Added call-in PINs

When someone calls in for help with their account, call-in PINs help authenticate the call so sensitive information is only given to those with Salon Owner privileges. The call-in PINs can be found at the top of the help page within Groomsoft.


Added SMS Continued Opt-In consent

To improve deliverability and better align with FCC and telecom carrier rules, a continued opt-in statement will be added to your outgoing text messages every 6 months.

Added Pet Birthday Reminders

  • Send automated Pet Birthday Emails and/or SMS. These can be turned on by going to Settings > Customer Notifications.
  • The default Groomsoft template will change the image sent in the emails based on the selected Species.
  • Templates for Email and SMS can be customized by going to the Settings > Templates area within Groomsoft.

Enhanced Recurring Appointment Scheduling

If an appointment cannot be scheduled on a recurrence due to scheduling, conflicts, days off, holidays…etc. Groomsoft will attempt to schedule on the same day of the week for up 2 weeks in the future. If an opening is not found, Groomsoft will revert to checking the next business day for availability.

In Closing

Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we continue to enhance Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software. We look forward to powering your Pet Grooming business in 2022 and beyond.

If you haven’t tried Groomsoft yet, the time is now. Start your free trial with no credit card necessary to get started. Visit

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