10 Great Ways Pet Groomers Can Persevere During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Apr 7, 2020 | Pet Grooming Business

No matter who you are, or where you live, the COVID-19 outbreak is having a real and profound impact on us all. Though we are a diverse community, we are all bound by the same challenges and fears, whether it be food or supply shortages, the risk we all face with getting exposed to the virus, or losing a loved one, adjusting to the restrictions of a quarantine, and the fear of losing customers and/or income, the Corona virus has leveled us all equal.

We are living in unprecedented times. As business owners and operators, we’re all worried about the risk the outbreak is having on our businesses, our customers, and our loved ones. We don’t know how long this will last, but at Groomsoft, we want to focus on the positive and stay motivated, despite all the challenges we face. It’s important now, more than ever, to stay focused, stay positive, and nurture your well being, so we’ve cultivated a list of Ten Great Ways You Can Persevere During the COVID-19 Outbreak, and we hope you find these tips helpful for improving your mindset and well being during these trying times.


Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors; you should talk to your doctor before trying anything mentioned here, especially if you have underlying medical conditions. 

1. Stop watching the news or at least reduce the amount of time you ingest their doom and gloom. The news rarely shares anything positive, even prior to COVID-19. The less negative sources of information flowing into your life, the less thoughts of negativity you will have.
2. Exercise, preferably in the morning. It will give you energy throughout the day, improve your health and help you sleep better at night. Depending on your fitness level this could be a walk, run, full body exercises, which you can find numerous sources for ideas on the Internet and Social Media.
3. Speaking of sleep, get into a regular sleep schedule that affords 7 to 9 hours each night. Our bodies are naturally accustomed to a light Circadian Rhythm, which basically means our bodies are accustomed to sleep in darkness and be awake in light. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences states that Irregular rhythms have been linked to various chronic health conditions.
4. Meditation will help quiet your mind, relieve stress and improve your health. Start with 5 minutes each day, sit up straight, cross your legs if you wish and breathe in through your nose using your diaphragm, hold for 3 seconds and then exhale for 3 seconds. Concentrate on your breath, if any thoughts come into your mind, acknowledge them and then let them go. Concentrate on breathing.
5. Eat well, stop the junk food and consume more Organic food, fruits and vegetables. Your body is a machine. Put garbage in and you’ll get garbage out in the form of feeling tired, unmotivated and numerous health issues. Eating organics will reduce the amount of chemicals going into your body. There is enough with COVID-19 going around without adding pesticides and other man made chemicals into your body.
6. Do something fun everyday. It doesn’t need to cost money to have fun. Although fun is different for everyone, here are some suggestions: play a musical instrument, sing, dance, play with your furry friends, go for a walk or anything that brings you joy.
7. Replace mindless binge watching, with educational content. This down time in our lives is the perfect time to learn new skills, learn new breed cuts and techniques. Just because you are home doesn’t mean it’s a vacation. Come out of this time in history with new skills. Learning new things builds confidence and gives you a sense of accomplishment. We all need to grow.
8. Journaling about your goals, aspirations and what you are grateful for. With the state of current affairs, you might find it hard to see what you are grateful for. It could be that you have the eyesight to read this, the roof over your head, a loving family, the miracle of life itself is something to be grateful for. Writing about what you are grateful for will give you new perspective on life and in turn provide a positive outlook, which will make you feel better.
9. Use all the government programs you are entitled to. There are new unemployment programs for the self employed that we have never had before. There are SBA disaster loans that have low percentage rates and in some cases, may turn into grants where you don’t have to pay back the loans.
10. Follow the World Health Organization’s recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 with social distancing and good personal hygiene.



Here is some Extra Credit, because at Groomsoft, we always strive to do more than what is asked of us! This one is probably the most important item on this list.
Change how you talk to yourself! Have you ever said to yourself, this ain’t gonna work and then it doesn’t? That’s your brain not making a liar out of you. Ever hear someone constantly talking about how they are going to die and then it happens? They subconsciously gave their body the commands to make it happen. How you feel comes from how you think, which is affected by your internal conversations with yourself. Why not talk to yourself in a positive manner and allow yourself to feel good and change your life?


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Many of the items discussed here come from top motivational experts, such as Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone, books from best selling authors, such as Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning and Shawn Stevenson’s Sleep Smarter.

Have a wonderful day, stay healthy both physically and mentally!

From your friends at Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software.

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